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Dogwood Canyon Field Trip EdVentures

At Dogwood Canyon, we aim to inspire the next generation of conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. Our 10,000-acre paradise focuses on protecting the natural environment and its plan and wildlife by promoting the acquisition and maintenance of ecologically significant, undeveloped land to benefit the general public.

Dogwood Canyon is the perfect location for students to learn more about conservation, experience wildlife and get a look at the history of the Ozarks.


Dogwood Canyon Field Trip

Explore Dogwood Canyon on your terms. Follow the paved trail as it passes by towering bluffs and waterfalls, crosses over beautifully crafted stone bridges, and stops to see rainbow trout in crystal clear waters. Bring a packed lunch, then visit our educational Nature & Conservation Center and the Treehouse built by Animal Planet's TV Show, Treehouse Masters.

*One chaperone per eight students is required. Additional adults must pre-pay the school to receive our field trip rates. 

Girl Scout Field Trip

Park Admission Only

All Ages | 10 Student Minimum
Student Starting at $5
Chaperone* Starting at $5
Additional Adults +$10


Field Trip EdVenture Program Add-ons

Conservation Classroom EdVenture

Kindergarten – 6th Grade   |   20-80 Students
Student +$3
Chaperone* +$3
Additional Adults +$3

Introduce or expand your students' knowledge with this dynamic classroom program. Classroom EdVentures are 30–45 minutes long and are designed to meet the Missouri curriculum standards and engage students in hands-on and interactive ways. The program will begin with a 10 to 15-minute lecture followed by your choice of select topics.

30–45 minutes

Conservation Forest Ecosystem

3rd-5th Grade (can be expanded to 2nd or 6th grades by request)   |   20-180 Students
Student +$5
Chaperone* +$3
Additional Adults +$3

This is an immersive nature experience using the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Discover Nature Curriculum (Nature Unleashed). Students will participate in nature observation and simple data collection using provided instruments. They will then collaborate with their peers about various roles in the food chain and how organisms fit into the ecosystem. This program is from April-September only.

60-90 Minutes

Conservation Stream Ecosystem

3rd – 12th Grade   |   20-100 Students
Student +$5
Chaperone* +$3
Additional Adults +$3

Students will learn how aquatic invertebrates can be used as an indicator of water quality and the important role they play in the stream ecosystem. Students will split into groups so that some can enter the stream to collect aquatic insects, crawfish and other invertebrates, while others on the bank will work to identify what their classmates have gathered.This program is from April-September only.

60-90 Minutes

Guided Nature Hike

3rd – 12th Grade   |   20-100 Students
Student +$5
Chaperone* +$3
Additional Adults +$3

Immerse your students in nature with our educational guided hikes! A park educator will provide interpretation and engagement in the areas of flora and fauna of the Ozarks, relationships between organisms and their environment, how humans impact ecosystems, and the importance of conservation and preservation! The educational guided hikes are designed to be a walking experience through Dogwood Canyon along the paved trail while also including a 0.5-mile dirt trail section, although handicap accessible options are also available. Length of hike and type of terrain can be adjusted due to your group’s accessibility requirements.

Full Hike: 3.5 miles round trip (roughly 90-120 minutes)
Reduced Hike: 1.5 miles round trip (roughly 45-60 minutes)

Forest Phenology Field Study

6th – 12th Grade   |   20-100 Students
Student +$5
Chaperone* +$3
Additional Adults +$3

Introduce students to collaborative data collection and citizen science with this immersive nature experience. Students will learn about phenology by observing connections between climate change and life cycle changes in plants, all while exploring the park. They will gain skills in plant identification, following procedures, and data interpretation. This program is available from March-November.

75-90 Minutes


Scout Day Programs

Fish & Wildlife Merit Badge

Any   |   30 Scouts
Student $15
Chaperone* $5
Additional Chaperones $5

Immerse your scouts in nature as we delve into the importance of conservation and wildlife management. This program is designed to help scouts get a solid start on their Fish & Wildlife Merit Badge as we discuss the meaning of conservation practices, the concerns that threaten our resources, and how you can get involved with management yourself. With a mix of indoor and outdoor learning, scouts will participate in classroom discussion as well as hands on discovery and exploration in the great outdoors.

3 Hours


Mission Conservation

Mission Conservation

Anyone   |   Requires smart phone
Price $5 Limit of 35 devices
Using Own Device* FREE

Conservation and Technology combine with Mission Conservation! Enhance your field trip with a self-guided digital scavenger hunt using the Agents of Discovery mobile gaming app. Agents of Discovery is an augmented reality, gaming platform that provides educational content in a fun and active way! Missions are available to play at each of the Johnny Morris Conservation Attractions including Wonders of Wildlife, Dogwood Canyon, and the Lost Canyon Cave Trail and Ancient Ozarks Museum at Top of the Rock.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store to your personal mobile devices, or reserve a class set of devices to use during your visit.

Financial Aid Scholarships

We want to make our EdVenture programs accessible to as many children as possible. We’re pleased to offer financial aid scholarships for under-resourced families. Our scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

Important Field Trip Information


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