All Day

WILD Turkey Hunt

Go on a WILD turkey hunt during this indoor scavenger hunt to discover WILD facts about Thanksgiving, turkeys, and much more! Match the images on the clue sheet to the posters to find the answers.


Primitive Skills Workshop: Primitive Traps

Trapping has been practically ignored in modern depictions of prehistoric life in America but was of equal importance to food procurement as was hunting and gathering. Using only sticks, string, and deadfall weights such as rocks or logs, these techniques were and still are integral to the food-gathering capabilities of indigenous people around the world.…

Trailside Science

Be sure to stop by our trailside activity stations while you’re out in the canyon!  The station will feature a rotation of wildlife artifacts, table top activities and information about plants and wildlife in the Park.  Talk with our knowledgeable staff and learn something new about the natural wonders that call this place home.

Discovery Station

Come check out our Discovery Stations at the Dogwood Nature and Conservation Center! Our stations provide a casual yet engaging educational opportunity for families and children to learn about nature through activities and table top displays.


Wine & Dine: Wine Tasting Dinner

Sip, savor, and slow down while surrounded by the rustic beauty of Dogwood Canyon. Doors open at 5 p.m. for Happy Hour inside Canyon Grill, where guests will be greeted with a complimentary beverage before enjoying additional drinks for purchase. Afterwards, experience a 5-course, chef-inspired menu accompanied by a diverse selection from the Prisoner Wine…