National Take a Hike Day

Take your hike to the next level with our National Take a Hike Day scavenger hunt! Grab a clue sheet and search for keywords posted on signs along the trails while out hiking. Collect the keywords on your clue sheet and return it for a prize when you’re done!

Critter Encounter

Stop by our Critter Encounters for an up close meet and greet with a live animal as you learn a little about their biology and behavior. Possible critters include: snake, salamander, turtle, spiders, and hissing cockroaches. (Specific animals may include opportunities to touch). Encounters are open, walk-up experiences and are included with park admission.

Discovery Station

Come check out our Discovery Stations at the Dogwood Nature and Conservation Center! Our stations provide a casual yet engaging educational opportunity for families and children to learn about nature through activities and table top displays.