Mission Conservation

Stop by the Treehouse to visit our Mission Conservation Table and begin your agent training! Download our all new mobile gaming app to begin your virtual scavenger hunt! Take your hike to the next level by finding and completing mini activities to complete the mission. Upon completion, return to the Nature Center or Gift Shop…


Primitive Skills Workshop: Atlatl & Dart

This powerful weapon has a 40,000 year history, and was employed by the first Paleoamericans to hunt woolly mammoth. The atlatl (or spear-thrower) is used to propel a long spear (dart), and is now a legal means of taking deer in Missouri. Participants will construct an atlatl, use heat to straighten a cane dart, then…

Critter Encounter

Stop by our Critter Encounters for an up close meet and greet with a live animal as you learn a little about their biology and behavior. Possible critters include: snake, salamander, turtle, spiders, and hissing cockroaches. (Specific animals may include opportunities to touch). Encounters are open, walk-up experiences and are included with park admission.

Discovery Station

Come check out our Discovery Stations at the Dogwood Nature and Conservation Center!  Our stations provide a casual yet engaging educational opportunity for families and children to learn about nature through activities and table top displays.