Scavenger Hunt

Free with Park Admission. Available Daily. The Canyon Quest scavenger hunt is a great way to add a little mystery and adventure to your park experience. Grab a clue sheet and a crayon from the Education center (go up the stairs in the gift shop). Using the clue sheet, follow the riddles to each of the 5 park locations. Once you’ve found a location, search for a hidden arrowhead and make a crayon rubbing of the symbols in the blank boxes on your clue sheet. Finally, after you’ve collected the symbols from all 5 arrowheads, use the key at the bottom of your clue sheet to decipher the location of the hidden birdhouse. Find the birdhouse, open it and use the stamp inside to mark your clue sheet. Return your completed clue sheet to the staff in the Nature Center to receive your prize!


FREE with Park Admission

Online Booking Unavailable

Requires Park Admission